Five ways to get inspired in your business

Five ways to get inspired in your business

As a business owner, I know how difficult it is to stay inspired in your business. We get boggled by the day to day activities and sometimes lose focus on why we got into business for ourselves in the first place. It especially becomes difficult to stay inspired when we are in the 4th year of our “it takes 5 to 7 years to become an overnight success” timeline.

Here are 5 tricks I have used over time to stay engaged and inspired in my personal business. I didn’t create ANY of these tricks but I have practiced their methods in my business and can personally vouch for their results.

1.       Celebrate your wins!

That doesn’t mean go out and spend hundreds of dollars and put yourself in debt. It just means, don’t go from task to task without acknowledging your personal accomplishments. You could call a good friend and share your accomplishment OR do what I do and buy yourself a bath bomb and treat yourself to a bath and wine night.

2.       Read your goals daily

NOTHING will keep you more inspired than reading your business plan. Get all hyped!  Read them to yourself in the mirror and continue to read them until you can feel yourself believing in them.

3.       Delayed gratification

Do not allow yourself something you feel as a treat UNTIL you accomplish whatever your goal is. It will keep you inspired to FINISH THAT GOAL!! This trick is good when there is a task you don’t want to accomplish, GRRR!

4.       Play The Game

Draw a board game with spaces and celebration cards with the end being your destination. It seemed a little kooky I know, but it has been my most effective method of inspiration yet.  The spaces represent every goal you want to achieve. Create celebration cards and spaces between the goal spaces. You pick a random celebration card after you’ve achieved 2 goals.  What the board game represents is your personal business journey. This little trick will remind you of how far you’ve come and should inspire you to stay the course.

5.       Journal

Nothing says here I am and here’s where I am going like keeping a journal.  It’s like reading your own self-help book written by you. Lol

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