Michael Baisden Relocates to the Entertainment Capital of The World

Michael Baisden Relocates to the Entertainment Capital of The World

By Contributing Writer

Nationally Syndicated Talk Show ‘The Michael Baisden Show’ Returns to KCEP 88.1 FM Beginning Feb 5th One of the most influential and engaging personalities on air has a new home. Radio talk show host, Michael Baisden, of the self-named, The Michael Baisden Show, will return to local non-profit and NPR KCEP 88.1 FM (Power 88.1). Broadcasting began live February 5, 2018 at its new scheduled time, Monday-Friday, 3PM-6PM.

Michael Baisden is many talents rolled into one: he is a bestselling New York Times author, inspirational speaker, philanthropist, executive producer, and a renowned nationally syndicated radio personality. Because of this, The Michael Baisden Show is a record breaker when it comes to public reach. The show’s most popular markets are in top U.S. cities New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia and Houston. The Michael Baisden Network makes up an influential, cultural and savvy urban audience. Michael Baisden is followed by over 4 million fans on Facebook, 180K on Twitter, and 373K on Instagram. Michael Baisden now brings his powerhouse brand back to Power 88.1 to continue captivating, entertaining and informing an ever-increasing audience.

Popularly dubbed the people’s station, Power 88.1 is currently in its 46th year of broadcasting. Governed by the Economic Opportunity Board (EOB) of Clark County. Power 88.1 prides itself on showcasing the very best artists in the musical genres of R&B and Soul, making it the best choice for Urban Adult Contemporary music. Under this rubric music selection, Power 88.1 has been a non-commercial alternative to Las Vegas’ mainstream MEDIA commercial stations.

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