Summer Happenings for Youth

Summer Happenings for Youth

By Elisheba Moore

Great! The kids are out of school but I’m not on vacation, I still have to work. Every parents feeling as summer takes the center stage. Let me share some summer activities with you if you’re stuck with no plans this summer. Whether you want to keep your child entertained for a short period of time when you are at home or for most of the day while you are at work; there is something for everyone.

Circus Circus: Home of the “Adventuredome” is an exciting thriller for youngsters and teens. This is one way to reward your child for doing something good this summer. They offer exciting games and rides for your pleasure.

Wet’n’Wild: Las Vegas is happy to see Wet’n’Wild back in the city. With summer temperatures reaching the low 100’s, we all need a cool down.

Cowabunga Bay: A new water park located in Henderson is sure to attract your teen during the summer days.

Las Vegas Summer Camps: Prevalent around the community catering to your child’s specific interest. Not all summer camps are expensive. Visit: for more information

Local Churches: Make contact with your local church. Some churches offer day programs for the youth that focus on education and fun. There is always a benefit to being a member, but if you aren’t the prices are still very affordable.

Boys and Girls Club: Provide youth clubs and day camps for all ages. They also offer stem programs, financial education and so much more.  I hope this helps make summer stress a little easier for you

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