Be mindful of what you put on your skin

Be mindful of what you put on your skin

By LaShelle Whitmore

We are all growing older, so by now, we should know that the foods that you put into your body are important. We have to ensure that we are feeding ourselves the proper nutrition that the body needs. Healthy servings of fruits and vegetables are key to a balanced diet. A typical American diet can leave you deficient of the nutrients and minerals needed for optimal energy, maintenance, and healing. As Hippocrates said, “Let thy food be thy medicine.” A balanced diet, low-stress lifestyle, and proper rest can keep you in a place to prevent disease, obesity, and imbalance.

Unfortunately, there have been a growing number of problems with bacteria outbreaks, GMOs, and pesticides that have left many people perplexed on what kinds of food choices to make. Perhaps, gardening is the right choice for you. Growing your own food isn’t as hard as you think. Las Vegas is dry, but the bright sunshine can help your garden reach the high heights that you dream of. You simply need the proper irrigation to ensure that your garden gets just what it needs to survive in our desert climate. Give it a shot! Your newfound green thumb may surprise you!

LaShelle Whitmore, the founder of Blissful Therapy, is a local artisan. Contact her at www.,, or 702-721-7172 to schedule a consultation, purchase products, or for booking.

LaShelle Whitmore is the founder of Blissful Therapy, a local natural skin care line. You can reach her to learn more at 702-721-7172, emailing natu ral health and visiting
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