Don’t Forget the Basics

Dont Forget the Basics

Being in the fitness industry for over 15 years has truly been a blessing. The amount of information that I have learned and the number of people that I have been able to help is nothing short of amazing. When I meet new people, they often have the same questions when it comes to fitness. Im sure you already know what they are! 

However, today Im going a different direction. So if you are waiting for the diet tip, weight loss answer, or how to get a six pack, this article is not for you…or is it?

Today,  I want to focus on one topic that can ultimately make the biggest difference in your life and longevity. We often spend so much time discussing the new diet, supplement, or the cool gym that just opened up in your neighborhood. All of which can play a major role in your fitness success, but dont overlook one of the most important subjects in this journey that we call life. 


Lets go a little deeper than make sure you drink one gallon a day”.

Did you know

• Water helps maintain regularity and digestive function.

So if you are often complaining about not being regular or having digestive issues, the answer could be as simple as water. 

• Water can prevent headaches.

One of the leading causes of headaches can be dehydration. So if chronic headaches are an issue, start with making sure you are hydrated throughout the day. 

• Water helps reduce caloric intake which helps achieve and maintain a healthy weight. 

Most weight gain is a result of consuming an excessive amount of calories. Maintaining hydration can help alleviate cravings which ultimately reduce caloric intake and lead to a healthier body weight.  

• Water increases concentration and brain function.

Water is a key factor in all bodily functions. So if concentration and overall focus has been an issue, once again start with hydration as the first solution. 

We all know the basic benefits of water, but now we realize that it can also be the answer to many bodily complications. So in closing…STAY HYDRATED MY FRIENDS!

Michael Waters, Phase 1 Sports IG: @imaphase1 FB: phase1sports  
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