Hello First Month of School

Hello First Month of School

by Elisheba Moore

Every year we prepare for change, for growth, and for the promotion of our students; whether it’s elementary, middle or high school. So this question is for the middle school and high school parents. Has your child ever come home and said, “I don’t have enough credits to go to the next grade” or “I don’t have enough credits to graduate high school”?

If you’ve ever been through this or are going through it now, this months spotlight is going to be on Nevada Learning Academy (NVLA).

Nevada Learning Academy has set the standard for online learning in the Clark County School District. Students are able to earn credits that were not earned in the previous year while attending school on a day to day basis; allowing 24-hour access based on the student’s schedule. Whatever your student’s situation may be, you need to know your resources.

Visit nvlearningacademy.net for more information.
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