Let’s Talk about Church & Industry How does your Identity Change when you’re at church?

Let’s Talk about Church & Industry How does your Identity Change when you’re at church?

By Patti Pennington

(Continued from last month’s issue) Often the mask is I love you, hugs and smiles in church. Why is it when you see church family at the concert, they don’t know you or it becomes a Sunday morning sermon , (Church folk should not go to see “Earth Wind and Fire” jamming; that’s worldly music) or it becomes group conversation when your back is turned. Why is this the new norm? Some our shutdown down when they so called listen, sing, dance to worldly music. Are you serious? Whose rule is this; yours or Gods? I truly believe that enjoying life is of God, as long as you know whose you are and who you are. It is very important that we let our light shine regardless of where we are. It’s not so hard to lose my identity when I leave church. It happens a lot of times that we the church don’t address real issues of the church, yet we wonder why the world as we call it has decided to stay home. The jealousy, gossiping, scorching and the double faces has got to stop if we want to see the other person’s side. It isn’t, I’m so perfect. The Bible said we all have fallen but we all get back up. The world is looking at the church under a microscope. The negativity that sits in our pews and even some pulpits that visitors hear and see, detours them right back to the world.

Who’s the bride of the church, who is the groom of the church? Can you honestly answer that? Once you answer it, then you will see how God created the church in you and where we all worship is the building where if 2 or three gather in his name God is in the midst. The church is a place of worship, a place of holiness, a place of teaching, a place of learning, a place of healing, a place of breaking strongholds and place of growing. We the church, are to mature and compel people to come by allowing our Identity to shine where ever we are. It is our job to do his work not our own. Often times before reacting to situations I always ask myself, “What would Jesus do”? Let that be your reaction to any solution. You will be surprised if you have the same Identity as Sunday morning. The other 6 days, your life will change not only that but because of you others’ lives will change

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