Let’s Talk about Church & Industry

Let’s Talk about Church & Industry

By Patti Pennington

In today’s church things have truly changed with who we are and where we are. Things that they we use to do we aren’t doing anymore. I could remember a time where the pulpit was so sacred and we dare not go in the pulpit to play around, let alone wear pants as a lady. Today’s generation said that’s old school. What is Old school verses new school, when God is the same as yesterday and forever more?

Often time’s people find themselves changing who they are for Sunday morning, because of competition and wanting front row positions. It almost seems as if some spirit of arrogance similar to an “I’ve arrived attitude”, and has pushed generations including some ole schoolers away from wanting to enter the building. Instead they would rather sit on the couch with ice cream and watch televised ministries. Is this new way to worship some would say they would rather not deal with the politics of the church, the fighting over the seats, the pointing finger blame and the hearsay.

What’s your identity? Is it possible a person can be who they are when they are at work, school, grinding and at home? A few men and women said, church isn’t the same the way we once knew it. Has the church lost their identity in saying come as you are and yet point their finger as soon as dismissal is over? Let’s talk about it!

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