The #1 Dating behavior to STOP accepting NOW!

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Keep him on read, sis…

The #1 Dating behavior to STOP accepting NOW!

By Aishia Grevenberg

Dating isn’t a game you play. It’s a slideshow watch. One word. Inconsistency. Inconsistency kills vibes. As long as you tolerate inconsistency, that’s all you’re going to have. To eliminate this behavior from your dating life, observe his actions and make a decision based on what you see, not what you feel. Don’t waste energy trying to figure out if he’s dating someone else, or stalking him on the ‘gram to see where he was Saturday night. When you turn into Inspector Gadget trying to find out what went wrong and what he’s up to when he ain’t texting you back -that’s where you got the game mixed up.

When someone who gave you attention, compliments and heart emoji’s suddenly stops or slows down…there’s a reason for that. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. Tell him how you feel about his inconsistency. I feel ignored when you don’t respond to my texts like you used to. Ask for what you want. I want you to hit me back or let me know you can’t talk/text at the moment. Set a limit with yourself, not him. Determine how many times after you’ve clearly stated what you want you’ll tolerate not receiving it. If he keeps being inconsistent, what his behavior is telling you is your feelings aren’t important to him. Make the decision that nobody is allowed to be in your life and ignore your feelings. Put some relationships respect on that decision and leave him on read sis.

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