Top Business Apps of 2018

Top Business Apps of 2018

By Sheila Marie

Volante Running a small business can be overwhelming but organization is the key. Technology has improved in such a scalable way, where business owners can stay on top of their performance. Our professionals at Operation Rehab suggest to our clients the following business apps to stay focused.

Office 365: Microsoft has a cloud product that allows any size of business to stay organized. Their dynamic cloud infrastructure will keep any business on their toes. Keeping their documents on the cloud, allows business owners to hold their content on their smartphone, tablet and their laptop for ease and accessibility. Their plans start at $5.00 a month per user. This technology app is with you wherever you go. We suggest this app because business owners are not always at their computer. BUSINESS /I.T. 24 CULTURE

Wave Accounting: Many people rely on quick books for their financials. However, we suggest Wave Accounting for small businesses and start-up companies; providing you with the ease of organizing your books. Your bookkeeper and/or CPA would be able to review your finance streams and file what is needed to keep your financial health in order. Did we mention its free to set up and connects with your financial institution? Yes, its free!

Yelp: Word of mouth is so important. People search Yelp when deciding to choose your service or product. This powerful marketing tool is the top word of mouth platform on the net. So, if you want to improve your marketing, choose Yelp.

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