Trending in Education… New School Semester

Trending in Education… New School Semester

By Elisheba Moore

Welcome to 2018! New year, new goals, new school semester. What does a new semester mean, why is this even important? I’m so glad you asked. For all students, it means that the grades that they’ve earned from August until now will reflect on their transcript.

If your child is in middle school, school counselors will begin talking to your child about summer school requirements. Summer school is highly recommended for any student failing any core class. If you are a senior, this means college admissions officials will not see your quarter grades. However, there is a high chance the will see your semester grades upon request from the school counselor.

Setting the expectation of students passing all classes will ensure that your child is promoted to the next grade level, higher levels of success, and ensure a brighter future. The grades at the end of the semester are more important. All students and parents have the ability to check their grades in real time through Infinite Campus. If you are a parent who does not have a log in or access, contact your child’s education school counselor.

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