New Spirit with New Pro Teams

New Spirit with New Pro Teams

By Contributing Writer

For many years Las Vegas longed for the major professional sports and because of gambling, it seemed like a long shot. How ironic that in my lifetime being a native, we would have multiple professional teams and the city be in full support of them.

Driving down the I-15 with air conditioning blowing on the highest level and seeing billboards, shopping in the Meadows Mall to see Las Vegas Golden Knights Jersey’s on random people, to eyeing the schedule of the Las Vegas Vegas Aces; the city has changed. The new spirit of Vegas since the Pro Hockey team took center stage at the T-Mobile Arena, has been exciting, hyped up, even lit! The zeal and passion of having a winning pro team has added fuel to the fire that the anticipation for the Raiders is growing faster than they can build the new stadium.

As we enjoy the winning of the Golden Knights (and it is fun), when the honeymoon is over, will we have the hometown pride during the tough seasons? So many questions swirl around my mind as I pinch myself with watching each hockey playoff game on television. Will the city support WNBA? Will the WNBA integrate into the city and into the black community? Can the city handle 3 major professional teams? Can the city handle 4 major professional teams when the NBA comes to town? How long will there be a fight over tax dollars with funding for education versus the funding for the NFL stadium? Traffic? Does the city have the correct traffic plan to handle the growth along with the addition to multiple pro teams or are we screwed? So many questions, but with so much winning, let’s not dwell on them and live in the moment!

A city that is a melting pot, which had no major sports teams meant individual support from sports fans went to basketball teams like Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, and Houston Rockets. Football teams like Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, and the Philadelphia Eagles. The city is changing with the daily concrete pouring for the football stadium and I love it. Rarely do we as Las Vegans agree on things but the love for our new teams is binding us together. “Win Knights Win” and “Ballout Aces” are new chants as we prepare for, “Just Win Raiders” going into the 2020 NFL sports football season. The spirit of the city is fresh, new, fun, and becoming meaningful

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