Soulfully Scented Grand Opening

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Soulfully Scented Grand Opening

An amazing Ribbon-Cutting “Grand Opening” was experienced in the earlier days of August. A new store has arisen, located on the Westside of Las Vegas called “Soulfully Scented”.

Under the creative structure and leadership of Sadiq & Faheem, they have been able to establish a “Bath and Body Works” experience in a natural way. Their company brings together a unique collaboration of essential oils, incense, body products, natural soaps, body butters and creams; alongside an extensive line of natural hair care products for both men and women.

The dynamic energy of this partnership makes this establishment feel so comfortable with the embrace of networking, laughter and knowledge, that it can naturally become your regular new “go to” spot. Besides, you never know who you will run into when you pay them a visit.

This new business has become such a priceless gem by making it their priority to be focused on the rebuilding, recycling and support of the black dollars within our community. The willingness of Soulfully Scented to open their doors for other small black businesses is just one of the many ways they plan to show they are in the business of making positive choices in recycling the black dollar.

If you have not had the chance to make your way to Soulfully Scented, located at 1210 W. Owens; now’s the time to make your way.

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