Cannabis Corner: Summer Elated

Cannabis Corner Summer Elated

By A’Esha “The Great” Goins

It’s hot outside, but I still like to feel elated in my lifestyle. However, in the hotter months I will opt for a less intrusive method of getting there. The evolution of Cannabis allows for the consumer to choose their dosing methods. Many are non-intrusive and ease to manage. The most popular product is an edible.

Edibles are cannabis infused goodies from cupcakes to gummies. Personally, edibles make me nervous. I really don’t know anyone that doesn’t have a crazy story about that one time when they had too much of an edible. However, with careful dosing, having an edible can be an enjoyable experience. My professional suggestion is to start with 5mg and wait an hour before consuming another 5mg.

It’s important to understand that an edible “HIGH” is nothing like an inhalation high. Many people experience effects for up to 4 hours. Because the THC is passing through your liver there is a chance that after the effects wear off, you could experience another wave as the THC digests. My favorite way of dosing is with distillate oil. Distillate oil is pure decarboxylated and distilled THC sap. Distillate oil is worth more by weight than any other THC consumable substance. Most vendors pair it with a Terpene profile that allows you to choose the way you want to feel. I enjoy the flexibility of the options.

Many times, I have visited a dispensary and asked for a formula that would make me happy and creative. Each time I ask, I am given exactly what I asked for. However you choose to dose this summer be sure to dose responsibly and share! Cannabis is a lot more enjoyable when you share the love. email
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