Micro Marijuana Business Model

cannabis - Micro Marijuana Business Model black vegas

If the cannabis industry continues on the path of big industry,  we will find ourselves with another worthless commodity. Cannabis is presenting America with an opportunity to create new money in our nation and yet I am certain big business will most definitely find a way to “fuck it up” for everyone!

If the federal government reschedules marijuana, we should all hope that it’s still a controlled substance. This will allow states to ensure that products and flower don’t become increasingly hazardous to the consumer.  Otherwise, there will be an influx of marijuana products that “say” they were grown with the best care but in all actually, were grown in a “SEA OF GREEN”( the commercial way to grow marijuana).

Marijuana could be the answer to mend many states financial infrastructure issues dealing directly with African American and Latino community affairs. This is including but not limited to  mental health issues, women’s prenatal care, and reentry services. The states aren’t looking at this as WIN-WIN for farms and disproportionate minorities, instead they are all focused on how this will assist in stabilizing homelessness and school districts. A tax paying citizen should understand that the economic infrastructure of education and homelessness is corrupted in ineffectiveness, therefore throwing MORE money at it, does not solve OR repair the issue. If corporations come into these legalized states and take over marijuana businesses, all money will be redirected out of the states and spent in other countries, therefore leading us RIGHT BACK to owning NOTHING!! 

Contact your local legislator and tell them you want a micro marijuana business model.

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