Seven secrets to winning scholarships and academic awards

Seven secrets to winning scholarships and academic awards

By Rondalynne McClintock M.Ed.

Finding scholarships in the 21st century is easy; winning scholarships takes WORK.  Thats good news for you!  If you are willing to put in the work you can win scholarships.  In fact, you can have the money you need to attend college before you finish high school!  All you have to do is get smart about winning.

Secret # 1 – Get Smart about Getting Funds

Getting smart does not just mean getting all As.” Getting smart does not take attending the best” High School.  Getting smart means understanding how to use the opportunities available to you right now, where you are. 

 It means knowing:

• Who to ask for recommendations
• What scholarship judges want
• Where to find scholarships
• When to ask for help
• Why a Personal Statement is important
• How to structure your Autobiographical Essay

The best part of  getting smart about scholarships is that you can learn how to do it. With the information youll learn in this e-book, you can get paid now for activities youve done or things you want to do.  Most scholarships are awarded to students for performing community service, writing essays about community service, talking about your future goals, or describing what you think the future will bring.  Imagine winning $500 just for writing about your ideas! 

At Scholarship Club meetings, we discuss ways to leverage homework with academic contests.  For example, suppose you have to write an essay about world peace for your history class. You can research current essay contests on that topic, write your class-assigned paper, turn it in, ask your teacher to grade it. Let him/her know that you want to enter the paper in an essay contest.  With the corrections and updates in place – enter an essay contest.

Secret # 2 – Know How Its Done

Learning the secrets to winning scholarships for higher education will tell you what you need to know while youre still in High School. Here is how its done; start by creating your own Scholarship Application Pack. To create your Scholarship Application Pack youll need to get a calendar or use a Calendar App, start applying for scholarships, prepare for the interviews, and send a Thank You” note after each interview.

Heres a list of what you need to have to begin applying for scholarships:

❒ A Scholarship Tool Kit 
❒ A list of your Scholarship Team members
❒ Scholarship Club Class Leverage Sheets
❒ A few Free scholarship profiles

Use a Calendar App to keep track of your:

✓ Scholarship application deadlines
✓ Recommendation due dates
✓ Essay due dates
✓ When items are mailed
✓ Interview appointments

There are a lot of great calendar applications to choose from.  I like the Google calendar app for lots of reasons; primarily because its free and easy to use. I also like the Tiny Calendar app because it works on both iOS and Android platforms.

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