Take Flight in 2018

By Desirae King

Have you ever planned to take a trip on an airplane, but it seems like from the night before your trip until you finally make it to your destination, everything seems to go wrong? For some of us, the beginning of 2018 is starting to feel a little like that frustrating trip. Despite our best of intentions, our best laid plans have gone astray already, and here we are, only a few days into February!

To help us find a way to re-navigate our new year, let’ approach it just like we would one of those unpredictable airline flights. Here are three tips to ensuring that your 2018 sees you safely and happily to your desired destination:

Know Where You Are Going

Benjamin Franklin has been quoted as saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” You can’t honestly be expected to get to where you are trying to go if you haven’t determined your exact destination. What are your concrete goals for 2018? If you are looking to get to Detroit, Michigan; you don’t just tell your pilot to drop you off anywhere in the Midwest and you’ll find your own way. You need to be clear and specific.

Condense Your Excess Baggage

If you’ve ever over-packed a suitcase and gotten all the way to the check-in desk at the airport, only to be told that your luggage weighs too much, you know that it makes your trip a million times more difficult. You have to learn to condense what you bring with you to your destination. There are people who you know need to be cut from your life, because they are not meant to go where you are going this year. There is a common phrase, “Cut the zeros, and keep the heroes.” Only keep people around you who will encourage, support, and motivate you forward. Are there certain phone calls that you ignore because you know that the person on the other end of the line will only be calling to ask you to give them something or do something for them? That will be your first clue as to which category this “friend” belongs to. Do not feel obligated to retain friendships and/or relationships that do not feel equally beneficial.

Be Ready for Unexpected Upgrades

If you are a frequent traveler, you know that your first attempt to book your flight, in this day and age, will usually be accomplished online. There will be a set price, and sometimes even a set seating arrangement, that will come with your itinerary. You may try to find better pricing or an upgraded seat elsewhere, but often, what you see is what you get. Don’t be discouraged. Being experienced in travelling, you also probably know that along the way, either at the kiosk or at the check-in counter, you may find more desirable tickets.

Sometimes, you think that you’re plans are set. You may ask someone for something and you may be told no. Don’t mistake that no for being set in stone. It may actually just mean, “Not right now.” Stay focused and persistent. An upgrade may be just around the corner.

We currently live in an instant download, going-viral-and-made-famous-in-an-hour, type of a generation, so patience and determination may not be in your nature. Be encouraged. Know that sometimes you face unexpected delays and setbacks along your journey, but if you can face it all with a positive attitude, you’ll get to where you want to go. Understand that even if it takes a little bit longer, as long as you get there, the goal has been completed. Happy travelling!

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