The more you know… Three strikes, you’re out!

The more you know…

Three strikes, you’re out!

By Elisheba Moore

Schools are now encouraged to “own” their own kids. What does that mean right? There was a time when a child would get in trouble and could get suspended from school for up to 10 days, if the act was severe enough. If the behavior continued, your child would be sent to behavioral school. Behavior schools have not proven to be effective for all kids according to CCSD, only in the most extreme cases. So, while yes there are still a few around the valley, the majority of students are receiving their punishment within their own school walls.

As a parent, it is important that you stay connected. Stay connected to what’s going on at your child’s school. Call and check up on them with their counselor or teachers and see how they are doing. Visit the school and let your presence be seen. Getting involved in the educational process and the discipline of your child will help keep your child on the right track. I can’t tell you how many times I’ll tell a child, “Hey I just got off the phone with your mom/dad”. Their response, “Omg you called my mom, what she say”? Fear! A little fear is never bad. It means your child still respects you, still cares when they are in trouble and knows that there are consequences to come. Behavior school used to scare the wits out of most kids, but now that it’s no guarantee that’s its where they will go, they push the limits. So stay connected and education work as a team with your child’s school

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